CMX-R1: A PCIe Gen 3, Dual LAN, H7 Processor, Modular, Cellular-Ready Raspberry Pi Control Board

CMX-R1 Raspberry Pi CM4/5 Control Board (view datasheet)

Premium features, pennies on the dollar


Unparalleled Ease of Use

  • Most flexible power options in its class, with USB-C PD and 7-55V input tolerance
  • Onboard communication features activated with a simple switch
  • DIN rail form factor for effortless mounting
  • Direct mounting for Raspberry Pi CM4/CM5 computer module

Seamless Integration with PMC Modules

  • High-performance IO for demanding applications
  • Precision instrumentation for accurate measurements
  • Advanced motion control capabilities

Real-Time Control with STM32H7

  • Onboard STM32H7B0 microcontroller for deterministic, real-time IO control
  • Offloads tasks from the CM4/5 for optimal performance
  • 128KB flash, 1.4MB RAM, and 280MHz max clock speed for complex applications

PCIe Gen 3.0 Ready

Up to 8GT/s for future-proof workloads

Comprehensive Documentation and Support

  • Detailed datasheet with in-depth technical information
  • Documentation website featuring tutorials, application notes, and FAQs
  • Dedicated support team to help you succeed in your projects

2x LAN ports

Gigabit + 100 MB lan

Deployable cellular support

Just add a modem and SIM card and your embedded system is ready for the edge